South African National Peace Project

The South Africa Peace Project has been launched in honour of
Nelson Mandela for his contribution to peace in South Africa



Privacy Policy

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Goods Return Policy

  • Goods must have been purchased directly from the South Africa National Peace Project (SANPP).
  • Any goods short supplied or incorrectly supplied MUST be brought to SANPP’s attention immediately.
  • A Goods Return Number (GRN) must be obtained from our credit department prior to goods being returned, and a Goods Return Form must be filled out and returned with the items. The number and forms to be obtained from the SANPP office.
  • Goods returned to SANPP must have all freight prepaid, unless prior arrangements have been made. All unapproved freight costs will be charged to the sender.
  • Goods must be complete, in their original packaging and in a sealable condition, with no dirty or greasy marks, or transport or packing tape damage. Please pack goods to be returned using a similar method to that used when goods were dispatched to you. Goods must include all instructions/paperwork originally supplied.
  • Goods will not be accepted for credit for any of the following reasons:
    • (a) Goods returned after 30 days from date of invoice.
    • (b) Goods returned without a GRN.
    • (c) Goods returned without original invoice details.
    • (d) Goods that were Specially Procured for you.
    • (e) Goods that were purchased from our Specials/Clearance list.
    • (f) Goods that have been fitted, used, altered or damaged in any way.