South African National Peace Project

The South Africa Peace Project has been launched in honour of
Nelson Mandela for his contribution to peace in South Africa



Through research and observation in general, it would be easy to conclude that South Africa has moved considerably backwards as a nation, and many young people of all races feel emigration is a better option for them and their children. South Africans at heart desire a more peaceful, non-racist and non-violent society. This is how the South Africa National Peace Project came to be.

The People's Project

The South Africa Peace Project is not something that an individual can drive and make successful. The Peace Project belongs to the people of South Africa. They have to make it happen. The Project is structured in such a way that the business community, public enterprises, political organisations, student organisations and the public and communities in general may take ownership and get involved. Activities such as peace marches and concerts can be arranged and schools and tertiary institutions can set up peace unions. There are many effective ways in which every South African can get involved.

Nelson Mandela Foundation

The Nelson Mandela Foundation has taken note of the Peace Project. Heather Henriques, the Foundation’s Manager at Intellectual Property and Governance has wished the owners of the Project the very best.

Democratic Alliance

The Democratic Alliance has expressed its full support for the Project. Dian Cronje, on behalf of the Democratic Alliance Leader, Mrs Helen Zille said: “In principle the Democratic Alliance fully supports the SANPP as it promotes peace and prosperity. We wish you well in your endeavours and believe your project will become successful.”

Meet the SANPP Team

Patrys Wolmarans

Patrys Wolmarans

Founder and Director
Kathy Barker

Kathy Barker

Co-Founder and
Head of Administration
Ellen Uithaler

Ellen Uithaler

Office Manager
Charne Strever

Charne Strever

Personal Assistant
to Director
Davidene Goliath

Davidene Goliath

Office Assistant

A note from the Founder, Ms Patrys Wolmarans

Patrys Wolmerans

Owner of the Project and Project Manager, Patrys Wolmarans is the co-owner of Workforce Solutions, a ten year-old training centre and placement agency for unemployed youth in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

“I believe South Africans at heart desire a more peaceful, non-racist and non-violent society and would therefore participate in the Project. It is a just cause and it has a key contribution to make to the future of this country. I have been working with the youth for many years, and over the past few months they have shared with me their fears for the future. The SANPP is a response to violence and racial hatred currently prevailing in South Africa.

The general response to the idea of a National Peace Project has been overwhelming. The SANPP is currently in discussion with potential stakeholders and welcome any participation in the process. It is not a single event but a long-term project. In time one will be able to measure whether the SANPP have met its objectives”.