South African National Peace Project

Be a peacemaker in your community by bringing the Peace initiative to
life - start making a difference today for a more peaceful future



Many people in South Africa feel the need to answer the call to be peacemakers in their community, by turning to prayerful, peaceful and positive responses.

There are many fun and effective ways that you can get involved to bring the Peace initiative to your community or area. The possibilities to promote Peace are endless. Members of the public are encouraged to bring their ideas forward, and share them with us.

  • Peace Concerts
  • Peace Marches
  • Peace Forums or Clubs
  • Prayer for Peace gatherings
  • Peace Education and Training on the Culture of Peace: Learning about Peace means obtaining knowledge and understanding of what contributes to Peace and what damages it.
  • The Youth as Agents for Peace: In support of Peace-building and conflict transformation among young people.
  • Veterans for Peace
  • Peace Dialogues
  • Blood donation Drive with the aim of promoting Peace by saving a life
  • Peace Art Competitions
  • Peace Garden Projects
  • Soccer for Peace Programs: Local series of tournaments based on core principles of peacemaking, bridging the divides of race, religion and socio-economic class among tomorrow’s leaders (and soccer stars!)
  • Peace Pole Project
  • Peace Walks
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Keep Us Informed

We aim to support and promote all constructive Peace activities through the regular issue of press releases, and co-ordinating events.
Keep us informed of any peace events happening in your area.