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South African National Peace Project
Nelson Mandela

Mr Nelson Mandela, first President of a Democratic South Africa, and a world icon of Peace, is the inspiration for the South Africa National Peace Project.

Make a difference in South Africa

All South Africans can take ownership of this Peace Project. There are a number of fun ways you can join the movement and help spread the word about Peace in South Africa. We need your help. Click here to find out more!

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Show you support for the Peace initiative by wearing one of the South Africa National Peace Project t-shirts or buy any of our other peace products.




Yes We Can. United We Stand. This is the slogan of a South Africa National Peace Project (SANPP). The SANPP is not a political organisation, but a response to violence and racism currently prevailing in South Africa. Through research and observation in general, it would be easy to conclude that South Africa has moved considerably backwards as a nation, and many young people of all races feel emigration is a better option for them and their children. South Africans at heart desire a more peaceful, non-racist and non-violent society and are therefore called to participate in the Peace Project.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to reduce racial prejudice, intolerance and hatred in South Africa over the next few years; To work for a just and peaceful community by promoting a non-violent and a non-racist society; To facilitate the creation of an inclusive movement for Peace; and To form partnerships with non-profit organisations, for-profit corporations, social service providers and agencies to achieve this.

Nelson Mandela


The Nelson Mandela Foundation has taken note of the Peace Project.

Heather Henriques, the Foundation’s Manager at Intellectual Property and Governance has wished the owners of the Project the very best.